Half Moon Bay!!

Henning and I joined Joanna, Eddie and more for a 24-hour adventure in Half Moon Bay.  Activities included kayaking in the harbor….

Photo Jun 29, 7 31 31 AM

…Half Moon Bay Brewery…

Photo Jun 23, 4 44 01 PM


Photo Jun 23, 6 50 34 PM

…Cards Against Humanity and the shredded paper pyre…

Photo Jun 23, 8 16 00 PM


Photo Jun 23, 8 19 15 PM

…wine (where is it?  we drank it all)…

Photo Jun 23, 8 30 29 PM

…roasted Reese Peanut Butter Cups…

Photo Jun 23, 8 37 00 PM

…campfire peach cobbler…

Photo Jun 23, 9 33 23 PM

…and karaoke at the unforgettable Cameron’s Pub on the other side of our RV park campground!


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