Heading Home

Run in the Rowland Heights hills with Steve, to work off last night’s food.

2014-02-02 11.35.59 - Copy

I’m allergic to most of this stuff, but the Nin Go (fried in egg) and turnip cake in the middle are two of my favorite things about Chinese New Year!

2014-02-02 13.00.40 - Copy

For more insight on some of the Chinese New Year goodies we often eat, check out OpallaOnTrails’ great blog post, with recipes!  The rice cake, taro cake, turnip cake… all very similar to what I’ve grown up with here in California.

Here’s a little excerpt from her post regarding the reason for all the ‘cakes’:

The word Go is a homophone for “high” in the Chinese language. So the cakes are called Go, because anything that rises or is high (be it your salary, your rank, your grade or even the stock market) is supposed to be good.

Yay for knowledge!
Happy New Year everyone!



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