In October 2010, I attended a talk at Stanford about the Tibetan Nuns Project, a non-profit organization that has built facilities for and enabled the education of Tibetan refugee nuns in the Himalayan region. It was inspiring to see what had been developed over twenty years to aid in the housing, education and advancement of an exiled and overlooked group of people. Empowerment through education!

I was glad to hear that technology was one of the skills the nuns are trained in, aside from reading, writing, philosophy, and other subjects. Technology would allow them to stay in communication with the modern world and provide them a valuable set of technical skills should they leave the nunnery one day. The director announced with pride that each of the nunneries now had a camera, so they could learn video and photography as well.

My first reaction was…. can I see pictures they’ve taken??! If they’re given these cameras, why not use them?? Why not document?

And then I realized that I could ask myself the same questions… With cameras on our cell phones, we’ve been granted the CAPABILITY to share people, viewpoints, and visual experiences from our everyday lives!

So I set a goal to do just that — to provide one photo per day, from my life, to document … for anyone interested. They’re mostly camera-phone photos, as that’s what I have. I anticipate the quality will improve along the same course as convenient in-pocket technology.


I believe…

We are all unique.

We all deserve to be loved.

We should all respect.

We should all reflect.

We should try our best to see


with new eyes.

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