New Year’s Eve // 2012

End of the year!  (And post 777)

I guess it’s obvious and important to note that I couldn’t capture EVERYTHING, but hopefully looking back one day, this blog can serve for quick reminders of good moments and memories.

To round out the “Things I’m Thankful For” series…  my parents, Henning, Penny, family members unnamed, everyone who has been kind to me and probably those who haven’t.  Thank you to anyone who inspired me, anyone who included me and anyone who let me include them.

Below is the lazy man’s collection of photos I found when cleaning out my phone, in random order.  Most of them are from 2012.
All have something positive in them.

Photo Jul 01, 1 28 05 PM

Photo Jul 01, 1 56 09 PM

Photo Jul 01, 1 59 40 PM

Photo Jul 01, 2 05 33 PM

Photo Jul 05, 12 12 43 PM

Photo Jul 06, 12 11 49 AM

Photo Jul 07, 12 21 09 AM

Photo Mar 09, 12 09 29 PM

Photo Mar 23, 11 58 16 PM

Photo Oct 07, 5 52 56 PM

Photo Sep 02, 8 42 15 AM

Photo Sep 14, 2 14 01 PM


Photo Dec 14, 8 41 21 PM

Photo Dec 27, 12 11 48 AM

Photo Jan 03, 11 00 28 PM

Photo Jan 30, 8 02 17 PM

Photo Jan 30, 8 02 54 PM

Photo Dec 31, 4 31 11 PM

Photo Jan 02, 9 13 52 PM

Photo Jan 02, 9 14 04 PM

Photo Dec 31, 9 13 30 PM

To health and happiness in 2013,


Feijoada & PDQ

I’m thankful for – Day #20 – Hannah

Even though Hannah is currently in a different part of the world, today’s post is an homage to her and our friendship.

At Cavanaugh Park
Where I used to sit
All alone in the dark
And dream about things
That I cannot say
You always said destiny
Would blow me away…

Photo Dec 29, 6 48 18 PM


Anza-Borrego State Park

I’m thankful for – Day #17 – Adventures

My goal for this vacation was really to do as little as I possibly could.  Read, relax, sit at Starbucks, enjoy people’s company…
That said, every now and again you’ve gotta let people take you on an adventure to revive that sense of awe and wonder in all of us.

Henning and I joined Steve & co on a hike in the Anza-Borrego State Park, east of San Diego.  It was nice to be back to the desert for a day.

Driving into the clouds at sunrise…

Photo Dec 27, 7 07 26 AM

Journey 1:
Entering Hellhole Canyon in search of the fabled Maindenhair Falls…

Photo Dec 27, 9 38 26 AM

“They Didn’t Bring Enough Water”…. got it…

Photo Dec 27, 12 25 13 PM

Jumping cholla cacti…

Photo Dec 27, 12 00 21 PM

Finding an oasis (palm tree jungle)…

Photo Dec 27, 10 46 34 AM

…and lots of boulders…

Photo Dec 27, 11 00 02 AM

Photo Dec 27, 10 47 17 AM

Photo Dec 27, 11 33 54 AM

…and… not quite a waterfall.

Photo Dec 27, 11 08 11 AM

Well… it was fun anyway…

Photo Dec 27, 12 06 40 PM

…and beautiful.

Photo Dec 27, 12 11 14 PM

Photo Dec 27, 12 13 17 PM

Journey 2:
Slot canyons… (didn’t know we had these in California?!)

Photo Dec 27, 1 31 55 PM

Photo Dec 27, 1 37 49 PM

Photo Dec 27, 1 41 51 PM

Photo Dec 27, 1 42 35 PM

Photo Dec 27, 1 43 49 PM

Photo Dec 27, 1 45 17 PM

Journey 3:
Feet too tired!
Viewpoint instead…
Salton Sea behind the guys.

Photo Dec 27, 3 03 04 PM

Photo Dec 27, 3 05 18 PM

Photo Dec 27, 2 20 28 PM


Video Games!

I’m thankful for – Day #15 – Video Games…

While it pains me to say this… I do think that video games have helped bring our family together, ever since we were little kids.  Now with easier control interfaces like Wii and Kinect, our parents have even gotten involved!

Below are some of our family’s Wii characters…  :P

Photo Dec 25, 11 45 59 PM

Brandon, Ryan, Brianna, Pete, Steve, me and Henning.

We even ended up making characters for some of my other aunts and uncles.  What a hoot!


German Food & Beer

I’m thankful for – Day #14 – Henning + my family!

I love that my family loves Henning (and vice versa)!
After a nice workout, we went to eat German food with Stephen in Anaheim.  Then to Addison Homebrew, where Henning showed Stephen how to pick out the ingredients for the beer they’re going to brew tomorrow.

Photo Dec 24, 2 03 20 PM

Photo Dec 24, 2 33 23 PM

Photo Dec 24, 2 40 08 PM


Rabbit’s Foot–ODIN!

I’m thankful for – Day #12 – Greg & Punit!

The 4 of us suited up (!) and headed to Rabbit’s Foot Meadery’s holiday party.  (Also popped Punit’s Rabbit’s Foot cherry!)  So many great opportunities to celebrate with old and new friends.

Then we headed back to Punit’s aunt’s house to watch the Muppets Movie.  Pleasant surprise.  :)

Didn’t document the formal attire (oops), but here is an exciting RFM development—got to sample Odin, a very limited (one-batch) mead that is going to be labeled and distributed early next year!

Photo Dec 22, 5 39 24 PM


Pagan Holiday Dinner

I’m thankful for – Day #11 – Henning’s family

Henning’s Aunt Nancy invited us to celebrate Christmas with them and some family friends in the neighborhood with a Nordic-themed holiday dinner.  It was a lot of fun, and always great to see the Redwood City contingent of his fam.

Photo Dec 21, 7 12 08 PM


Company Gatherings

I’m thankful for – Day #10 – Work + Alcohol

This year’s company holiday party not only includes socializing with coworkers… but also a white elephant gift exchange (!!) and free alcohol (not pictured)!!  Very much an upgrade from last year.

To celebrate a year of WRUP team bonding, we also opened a bottle of Henning’s recently brewed stout.  I think the guys appreciated the gesture.

Photo Dec 20, 1 10 25 PM

Traffic cone in a box…

Photo Dec 20, 1 56 13 PM (1)


Holiday Decorations

I’m thankful for – Day #9 – The Holidays

Two great things about the holiday season—celebrating with friends and family (!!), and days off (so excited)!!!

Here are our “simple & sweet” holiday decorations for Apartment 703 this year…  our lamppost tree… and our updated seasons wreath in the hall.
Perhaps next year will be more elaborate.  :)

Photo Dec 19, 7 59 36 PM

Photo Dec 19, 8 02 11 PM


Dec 2012–My New Favorite Purse

I’m thankful for – Day #8 – Craft Fairs

Went to the Renegade Craft Fair SF on Sunday with Hannah and Jess.  Not only is everything there SO cute… I finally found a purse to replace the one I’ve carried every day for the last 7-8 years.  It’s been a long time coming, and I think this one is going to be a worthy purchase.

I also LOVED meeting and chatting with the sweet gal who designs and makes these bags.  It’s such a bonus to be able to support someone’s passion and straight-up quality work.

Photo Dec 16, 3 35 58 PM


MacArthur Park

I’m thankful for – Day #7 – Henning’s coworkers

We went to dinner with Henning’s advisor Mike, his PI David, David’s family, and some of their lab mates.  I think it’s great that David extends his time to the share with the lab outside of work.  I know that Henning’s PhD experience  wouldn’t be the same if he weren’t working with this group!

PS This building was designed by Julia Morgan, California’s first licensed female architect!

Photo Dec 17, 6 51 52 PM

Photo Dec 17, 7 36 06 PM


Black Belt Test!

I’m thankful for – Day #5 – Martial arts

It would take too much time to explain how much the martial arts and the people I’ve trained with have changed my life since 2004.  All I can say is that I am a stronger, healthier, more confident, more aware, more considerate, more humble person for it.

To everyone who has punched at and struck at me in my journey, and who has allowed me to return the favor—thank you!

Below are photos from Susan’s Zen Budokai Jujitsu black belt test this evening.  Many congratulations to her.  :)

Photo Dec 15, 7 46 18 PM

Photo Dec 15, 9 26 08 PM


Walking Home

I’m thankful for – Day #3 – The Stanford campus.

As much as I bitch and moan about “The Bubble” (my interest in avoiding Stanford actually goes much further back)… I couldn’t be a luckier person, with all the great people and experiences that Stanford has allowed me over the years.  Studying abroad, meeting some BFFs, working at the hospital, living in Abrams, jujitsu, Henning!

So lucky indeed.  <3

Photo Dec 14, 5 52 34 PM