Green Library

On my walk home, I decided to check out the main library on campus.  It’s probably been 5 or 6 years since I’ve been in Green, and I’ve really never taken the time to explore it. 
Should I have done it on my own…?… eh…..
maybe next time someone will join me.

If you enter through the Bing Wing, there are a lot of beautiful ancient books… hand scribed and painted…

Photo Jan 11, 5 22 14 PM

Magnetic clock designed by Athanasius Kircher (

Photo Jan 11, 5 25 28 PM

Lane Reading Room

Photo Jan 11, 5 38 04 PM

View of Coupa, Meyer Library and the hoop fountain from a quiet 3rd floor study area of Green…

Photo Jan 11, 5 33 19 PM

View over the Bing Wing entrance from a small window on the 3rd floor…

Photo Jan 11, 5 42 46 PM

Painting of San Francisco 1862,
view up Taylor St toward Alcatraz and Angel islands.

Photo Jan 11, 5 52 55 PM

Painting of San Francisco 1862,
view toward Telegraph Hill, Yerba Buena Island and Berkeley.

Photo Jan 11, 5 53 48 PM


Michigan—Day 4

Before heading back south, we drove from Mackinaw City across Mackinac Bridge to St. Ignace.  Stopped by the Ojibway Museum which was cute, interactive and of course with some great art souvenirs.  I love me some art… 

Photo May 28, 7 59 40 AM

We spent the rest of the day in St. Johns for a Memorial Day feast at Jamie’s parents house, and to hang out with the family.  I had so much fun, I forgot to take pictures!