New Year Trains & Football!

Happy New Year breakfast and a puzzle!

Getting on a train to Semmering!
Henning will tell you that this train trip is most important not for the destination, but rather for the ride… which traverses a portion of Austrian Alps via UNESCO World Heritage bridges and aqueducts!





A historic train car!


What awesome civil engineering feats!


Semmering train station…




Gasometer – 4 old giant gas tanks that were converted into residential and commercial space.  SO COOL!!



Henning enjoying McDonald’s in Austria…

McCafe’s lousy attempt at macarons (McCarons… get it?…)

Attempting to watch the Rose Bowl game from Vienna…


Dog in the bar!


We lost the game, but we still love the Stanford football team!


Lasagna & BBQ!!

Lasagna and BBQ evening at Anne and Travis’ place for an early July 4th celebration!

Henning’s unique lasagna recipe…
with a middle layer of spinach-pesto-ricotta
and a bottom layer of carrot-mushroom-honey-baked-beans.
He also used brown rice lasagna sheets for his wheat-allergy girlfriend!

Photo Jul 03, 6 48 23 PM

Photo Jul 03, 6 48 33 PM

Messy, but YUM!

Photo Jul 03, 7 04 08 PM

Travis, the grill master…

Photo Jul 03, 8 59 14 PM

Some sangria made using our fruit-infusion water pitcher!

Photo Jul 03, 6 48 55 PM

We also have entered ourselves (girls vs guys) in the Capture California contest, essentially sponsored by the California Parks Service to get people outdoors!

Photo Jul 03, 11 41 54 PM

Photo Jul 03, 11 49 04 PM

Hopefully we get to start our adventuring soon!


Napa–Weekend #1

My coworkers and I decided to go wine tasting for the weekend!

Our first stop was Lava Vine in Calistoga.  Great wine, and EVEN BETTER food pairings!  Mango dipped in sea salt and crushed red pepper… strawberries… dark chocolate sprinkled in olive oil and salt…

ALSO.  Awesome bathroom with chalk boards on the walls!

Lunch at Gott’s Roadside in St. Helena.  Local vegetarian-fed beef with no antibiotics or growth hormones, yay!!  The picnic-style environment was great, too…

…and the views…!

After-lunch stop at Sequoia Grove Vineyards.  Susie was a member, so free tastings for everyone!

Sitting out back, Stacie and I contemplating how great it would be to have a wedding up here haha.

Last stop: Bouchon Bakery in Yountville (down the street from the famed French Laundry restaurant).  The line for the bakery was WAY out the door, but I’d like to say it was worth the wait.

Passed out in the backseat on the way home.  Doesn’t really get much better than that.