Forbes Family Cafe

If Thai Cafe has a rival on campus for both speed and value-per-dollar, Forbes Family Cafe in the Huang building of the Engineering Quad is it.  It also has the widest range of hours of almost any R&DE eatery on campus (and Coupa).

I really can’t rave enough about how this salad cost $4!  As-much-as-you-can-stuff-into-the-bowl for $4!  $7.25 for the larger bowls.

It’s a very vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free-friendly establishment.  Salad bar almost always has a grain-centered salad, a vegetable protein-centered salad, and another vegetable-filled salad.

There are usually only one or two offerings per day with meat.  To those in California who see this as a problem, I would invite you to visit, and evaluate your water footprint in consideration of our region’s worsening drought.

The food you eat makes up the largest part of your overall water footprint.

Anyway the salad was amazing!
Next time, no almonds, because they have a surprisingly high water footprint as well… le sigh.

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