May 2012–Maker Faire!

The Maker Faire 2012 in San Mateo.  So overwhelming and so awesome.

Fire-breathing sculptures!

Photo May 19, 12 29 13 PM

Popcorn popped by the sun!

Photo May 19, 1 29 00 PM

Bicycle caravans!

Photo May 19, 1 32 25 PM

Bicycle cupcakes!

Photo May 19, 1 33 42 PM


Photo May 19, 1 26 49 PM

Arcattack!  Electricity+music!

Photo May 19, 1 46 59 PM


Photo May 19, 1 48 12 PM

Wall-E robot club!

Photo May 19, 1 49 23 PM

R2D2 robot club!

Photo May 19, 1 50 02 PM

Masking tape creations!

Photo May 19, 1 55 56 PM

Photo May 19, 1 56 25 PM

Felt and wool creations!

Photo May 19, 1 56 41 PM

3D Printers!!!

Photo May 19, 2 03 17 PM

Double-decker bikes!

Photo May 19, 3 52 42 PM

Bike-powered carousels!

Photo May 19, 3 57 44 PM

Photo May 19, 3 59 13 PM

Big-wheel bikes!

Photo May 19, 4 00 38 PM


Photo May 19, 4 02 56 PM


Photo May 19, 4 45 43 PM

And so much more!

Photo May 22, 7 38 10 AM

Photo May 19, 3 17 39 PM

Photo May 19, 9 09 23 PM


Lençóis–Day 4

For our last day in Lençóis, Verena and I decided to go horseback riding out to the Capivara River.  This was maybe the 3rd time I’d ever been on a horse in my life, so I was both excited and nervous at the same time.

My horse “Princess”…. fittingly….


We walked through some rivers, through some woods, and finally stopped for lunch at a spot along the Capivara river.  Nothing spectacular compared to the days before, but nice to see some relatively untouched parts of the area.


Eating lunch with our guide Pedro, Verena, and an Austrian named Ernest.


We eventually made our way back and had a few hours to relax before dinner.  I wanted to take this space to commemorate Lençóis and the Pousada dos Duendes.

River separating the two sides of Lencois…


The street our pousada is on.  It looks a little sketch, but the whole town is actually quite safe.


One view inside the Pousada dos Duendes.  Probably my favorite, walking down from the dorm rooms, past the garden, down to the gnome chessboard, breakfast, and the common room.


Almost like Wizard Chess!


I really love these faces carved into the posts of the stairway!


LOVE the indoor/outdoor space of the dining area.


The garden…


The neighbor’s dog, who decided to sit in my chair after I stood up from it.  Made me miss Penny so much!


For dinner, we went into town with Verena, Nancy (a fellow Californian), Ernest, and a Swiss fellow named Marco.  We ate at a restaurant owned by an Italian, who makes all of his own pasta and bread.  It was quite incredible.  Went back to Rua das Pedras (the main street) for drinks.  Ran into Dodô (Diego), who was one of the great staff members at the hostel.  Saw a couple that had stayed in Verena’s hostel back in Salvador, and I saw a couple who had stayed in my Salvador hostel as well.  It’s such a small world here.

Verena and I both left Lençóis via the 11:30pm night bus.  We split a taxi to the bus station so that I wouldn’t have to roll my bag on the dirt roads.  We had a great short conversation with the driver Rogelio, who is doing his 2-year course to become a guide.  The guides in the area actually have to take quite a few courses – geology, biology, language, outdoor survival, emergency aid, and who knows what else.  We ran into Marcelo for the final time, said our goodbyes, and watched him  meet the exciting (and excited) new tourists arriving for the week.

Perhaps, as James would put it, bringing this experience full-circle.

Good times, Lençóis!  I can’t wait to come back one day.