Green Library

On my walk home, I decided to check out the main library on campus.  It’s probably been 5 or 6 years since I’ve been in Green, and I’ve really never taken the time to explore it. 
Should I have done it on my own…?… eh…..
maybe next time someone will join me.

If you enter through the Bing Wing, there are a lot of beautiful ancient books… hand scribed and painted…

Photo Jan 11, 5 22 14 PM

Magnetic clock designed by Athanasius Kircher (

Photo Jan 11, 5 25 28 PM

Lane Reading Room

Photo Jan 11, 5 38 04 PM

View of Coupa, Meyer Library and the hoop fountain from a quiet 3rd floor study area of Green…

Photo Jan 11, 5 33 19 PM

View over the Bing Wing entrance from a small window on the 3rd floor…

Photo Jan 11, 5 42 46 PM

Painting of San Francisco 1862,
view up Taylor St toward Alcatraz and Angel islands.

Photo Jan 11, 5 52 55 PM

Painting of San Francisco 1862,
view toward Telegraph Hill, Yerba Buena Island and Berkeley.

Photo Jan 11, 5 53 48 PM