Reading Accomplishment

I am happy to announce that I finally finished Gregory David Roberts’ “Shantaram,” which was by far the best 900+ page book I’ve ever read.

Gregory David Roberts was born in Melbourne, Australia. Sentenced to nineteen years in prison for a series of armed robberies, he escaped and spent ten of his fugitive years in Bombay—where he established a free medical clinic for slum-dwellers, and worked as a counterfeiter, smuggler, gunrunner, and street soldier for a branch of the Bombay mafia. Recaptured, he served out his sentence, and established a successful multimedia company upon his release. Roberts is a now full-time writer and lives in Bombay.

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Milk Pail!

Spent the afternoon with Greg in Palo Alto.
Supporting local markets by shopping at the Milk Pail!

Photo Sep 10, 4 22 09 PM

I didn’t buy this, but I wanted to!  Masala chai concentrate! 
Chai is one of the biggest things I miss about India.

Photo Sep 10, 4 28 12 PM

This I did buy!  One of the things I miss from spending time with Henning in Europe is Müesli.  I couldn’t resist nostalgia.

Photo Sep 10, 4 35 06 PM

Small cheese pieces!  I thought this was a nice idea.  And they do have a LOT of cheeses!

Photo Sep 10, 4 30 02 PM

We bought all this Horseradish-Wasabi Havarti for $2!

Photo Sep 10, 5 10 09 PM

Watching football and then The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Photo Sep 10, 6 33 14 PM

My dog is so cute…

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On a Book High

Borders is closing, Amazon has sales, and I just plain love books.

I’m currently still working on Shantaram, which is an incredible 944-page “almost autobiographical” book about an Australian who escaped from jail and spent 10 years living in Mumbai, India.  I don’t even know how to describe this book.  It’s so good.  So India.

Anyway, my next book is “How We Decide” by Jonah Lehrer.  And then I think I can return to “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall, which I started reading last winter in Switzerland, and finally bought for myself last week.  EEE!!!

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Waste Management

Mondays are trash days in much of Saratoga.  As I drove down one of our streets, I was impressed by the structure (compared… say to India’s general system of throwing garbage on the side of the road).

And I wondered how we will manage our waste in the future.  I personally envision a seamlessly integrated and underground system, like water!  I also pray & hope that individuals are charged by weight and volume of their trash.