Neuschwanstein Castle

Driving southwest from Munich to Rodorsdorf (Switzerland) – made a stop in Hohenschwangau to see the Neuschwanstein Castle.



Hohenschwangau Castle (Schloss Hohenschwangau)


The hiking path of ice… up to Neuschwanstein…

Made it to the viewing bridge!





IMG_0437 the castle!…




IMG_0450 20131223_031828
Made it to Chris and Jacqueline’s in Rodorsdorf for pasta with Christiane’s homemade pasta sauce and meatballs!


Liz & Etay’s Wedding

Perfect weather for a beautiful wedding in Portola Valley…

2013-10-20 15.34.41

2013-10-20 15.34.50

2013-10-20 23.49.07

View over Stanford and the Bay Area…

2013-10-20 15.43.50

2013-10-20 17.12.06

Simple and fun!

2013-10-20 17.21.33

2013-10-20 18.52.19

2013-10-20 18.55.44

Rising moon…

2013-10-20 19.44.51


2013-10-20 22.00.23

2013-10-20 17.04.44


Stanford Campus

First day of my new job, and I’m exploring campus with new eyes!!

Old historic columns…
Kissick Grove (Schwab – Graduate School of Business)

2013-09-24 08.34.11

The blue courtyard…

2013-09-24 08.35.30

The claw fountain (White Plaza)…

2013-09-24 09.20.31

Gay Liberation sculpture by George Segal…

2013-09-25 17.28.22

10am clouds by Kite Hill… unreal.

2013-09-24 09.31.57


Driving Home

At Shasta Dam trying to get a view of Mt Shasta…



Found a “Curvy Road Next 140 Miles” sign!


Stopped by Jelly’s Ferry Bridge and the Sacramento River Bend for lunch…


Saw the Sacred Stones project at the Abby of New Clairvaux in Vina… 800 year old Spanish gothic arches!!!



And constant reminders on the drive home of why we love California, the Golden State…




Wes & Jamie’s Wedding!!

The big day!!

Getting ready with hair and makeup!
The bride…

The maid of honor…

Bridesmaids and flower girl…

Another junior bridesmaid…


Beautiful church…

Proud parents…

Jumping pictures!!

Wes Wedding Jumping Pic 1

Wes Wedding Jumping Pic 2

Lion dancing!



First dance :)

More dancing!

Wes Wedding Paula Photo 2

Lanterns at the prom downstairs!

Photobooth fun!

Wes Wedding Photo Booth Combo

So much love!


Seattle—Day 4!

View a few blocks down from Jim and Molly’s…

Photo Apr 26, 11 30 43 AM

Today’s adventure is over to Port Angeles and the Olympic Peninsula.
Just barely made the ferry!

Photo Apr 27, 10 34 07 AM

Bye Seattle…!

Photo Apr 27, 10 42 33 AM

…en route to Bainbridge…!

Photo Apr 27, 10 49 57 AM

Mountains surrounding the old Lake Morse…

Photo Apr 27, 2 18 05 PM

The gang—Molly, Henning, Jim, Patrick, Daniel…

Photo Apr 27, 3 04 21 PM

…and Stacey staying out of snowball range!

Photo Apr 27, 3 04 56 PM

The guys knocking over snow boulders…

Photo Apr 27, 3 13 04 PM

Photo Apr 27, 3 27 29 PM

Photo Apr 27, 3 27 49 PM

The view up at Hurricane Ridge…

Photo Apr 27, 3 16 40 PM

The trail we were planning to walk… under 6 ft of snow….!

Photo Apr 27, 3 36 19 PM

Photo Apr 27, 3 35 42 PM

So we eventually headed to lower elevations and a walk through the forest.  (Yes, kicked that trail’s butt!)



First port… Marseilles, France.

Photo Aug 03, 1 37 00 AM

…Henning and I decided to walk and bus downtown… I was really impressed and excited by how easy they make it for directionally-challenged pedestrians (like me…) to find their way.

Photo Aug 03, 1 36 46 AM

…and signage to warn motorcyclists not to ride in the train grooves…

Photo Aug 03, 1 41 13 AM

…walking past the beautiful Cathedral La Major (Byzantine architecture)…

Photo Aug 03, 2 18 57 AM

Photo Aug 03, 2 33 51 AM

…gelato in the Panier (old town) district…

Photo Aug 03, 3 00 33 AM

…bronze fish art…

Photo Aug 03, 3 19 09 AM

…how awesome is this dog carrying a handbag…

Photo Aug 03, 4 07 24 AM

…taking the mini-train along the coast up to the Notre Dame de la Garde basilica…

Photo Aug 03, 4 21 08 AM

…even more beautiful… at the top of a hill…

Photo Aug 03, 4 55 47 AM

Photo Aug 03, 4 50 30 AM

…looking over Marseilles…

Photo Aug 03, 4 55 24 AM

…with the LOML.  (and we match)

Photo Aug 03, 4 54 38 AM

Meanwhile… the rest of my family travelled further inland to Avignon.  Here are some photo highlights from their day…

…wine tasting…

…Gothic Palais des Papes…



Love Dinner

Valentine’s / 3-year-anniversary dinner with Henning at The Mountain House in Woodside.  The food and drinks were all great (and we ate a lot more than shown in these photos)!

Photo Feb 17, 8 51 54 PM  Photo Feb 17, 8 50 48 PM

Photo Feb 17, 9 24 10 PM

Photo Feb 17, 10 04 37 PM

Cheesecake with raspberry puree.  I’ve never had a cheesecake this unique and wonderful before.  Must go back (warning: seasonal)!


Wine Tasting Week #3

Henning and I went on a wine tasting tour in Sonoma and Napa, courtesy a Groupon we bought a few months back.

The Jacuzzi Vineyard in Sonoma also had an incredible olive oil shop.

Cline Cellars across the street also had a California Missions Museum, which was pretty awesome.


Lunch in downtown Sonoma at a great little restaurant called Taste of the Himalayas.  The steamed dumpling appetizer was amazingg.

Window shopped after lunch.

Enjoying a tiny bit of sunlight at Madonna Estate Winery in Napa.


LOL = Lots of Love

Received a cute package at work today, and I was especially surprised and touched to receive not just roses (in a vase)… but rather living rose buds in a pot!!  :)  My baby gets me.

Here’s the gift I made him, using photos from the past year.  Hen and I played with the arrangement of letters together, and this is what we decided on (to be framed).