Birthday Party

I love this man so much.
Very happy to celebrate his 28th birthday with him and our friends.  :)

Cute t-shirt contribution from Tim & Louisa!

2014-04-20 14.25.39
Easter egg hunt!

2014-04-19 13.36.47

2014-04-19 13.37.43

Classy jello shots courtesy Alice!

2014-04-19 14.43.39
Salsa dancing in the basement courtesy Sebas and Guillermo.  :)

2014-04-19 20.12.08


Living Social

My two-week trail at ASD (Academy of Self Defense) ended yesterday, the same day that Living Social (a site similar to Groupon) was offering one month of Muay Thai classes at ASD (usually $95) for only $29!  Coincidence…. or fate?

Of course, Jes and I jumped on the opportunity to save $66 on something we were each going to pay full price for anyway!



P.S.  ASD has indeed been a great way to be (live) social, and I love the feeling of family that I could feel even within the first few days.