Henning’s Home (for the weekend)

Henning in his natural habitat (…his Y2E2 office…)

Photo Jul 15, 6 46 11 PM

We grabbed dinner to-go from Sa-By Thai in San Jose, then walked over to the Tech Museum to stand in line for Harry Potter 7.2!!

Photo Jul 15, 9 17 30 PM

Photo Jul 15, 9 17 49 PM

Photo Jul 15, 9 18 00 PM

The movie was great.  Check out this CUTE modification to a paint splotch we saw in the parking structure!

Photo Jul 16, 12 18 39 AM


No Crybabies!

So we moved into a new office for work.  My new spot places me right outside the Director of Construction’s door!  I thought the little piece of paper taped on the front of his door was funny.

I like to think I follow this philosophy as well.  It reminds me of a lesson I gradually through from martial arts, and saw on the back of a friend’s Tshirt a few years back:

No excuses.
No regrets.