When it’s hot out, my #1 biggest craving is usually frozen yogurt.

If you want bang for your buck (or a healthier ice cream alternative), I would 100% recommend Haagen-Dazs Frozen Yogurt.  100%!!!!!!
~$4/pint at Safeway.

Photo Jun 22, 9 50 23 PM

On a splurge day, Fraiche is an awesome option…
(recently they’ve had figs as one of the fruit toppings!)

Photo Jun 26, 6 42 54 PM

I wish I could eat froyo all day every day…


Cantor Arts Center

The 1101 group tried the Cool Café for lunch at the Cantor Arts Center.  Good, but expensive… just as one would consider organic locally-sourced food served at an art museum to be.

That said, Cantor is a FREE art museum on campus, and a wonderful one at that.  The photos below are courtesy Derek B 6/22/12.

“The Thinker” by Auguste Rodin
“Sequence” by Richard Serra
“The Gates of Hell” by Auguste Rodin

Cantor Thinker

Cantor Richard Serra

Cantor Gates of Hell


Milk Pail!

Spent the afternoon with Greg in Palo Alto.
Supporting local markets by shopping at the Milk Pail!

Photo Sep 10, 4 22 09 PM

I didn’t buy this, but I wanted to!  Masala chai concentrate! 
Chai is one of the biggest things I miss about India.

Photo Sep 10, 4 28 12 PM

This I did buy!  One of the things I miss from spending time with Henning in Europe is Müesli.  I couldn’t resist nostalgia.

Photo Sep 10, 4 35 06 PM

Small cheese pieces!  I thought this was a nice idea.  And they do have a LOT of cheeses!

Photo Sep 10, 4 30 02 PM

We bought all this Horseradish-Wasabi Havarti for $2!

Photo Sep 10, 5 10 09 PM

Watching football and then The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Photo Sep 10, 6 33 14 PM

My dog is so cute…

Photo Sep 10, 6 33 20 PM