Packed Day

Went for a run and discovered a new trail near our house!!

2016-02-21 09.09.01

2016-02-21 09.10.42

2016-02-21 09.11.23

2016-02-21 09.12.57

Driving to Stanford… peace sign!

2016-02-21 10.42.35

Dress shopping with Hannah in SF!!!  (window shopping in this case)

2016-02-21 13.14.08

Dinner and dessert for my dad’s bday!

2016-02-21 20.26.03


Day 12—Banff National Park

Castle Mountain

Silverton Falls

The Cave… where Banff National Park and the Canadian National Park system began…




Double Duathlon

Post V-day workout at (the very dry) Lake Folsom.  Henning and I competed in a double duathlon (run-bike-run-bike-run) with Greg!

Thanks to Dan, Baxter & Milo for coming out to watch us!  :)

2014-02-15 08.55.29

2014-02-15 09.56.56

2014-02-15 10.43.20

2014-02-15 11.06.09-3

2014-02-15 11.50.37

2014-02-15 11.52.24

We beat Greg!  (…just barely!)

2014-02-15 11.51.44 

Heading Home

Run in the Rowland Heights hills with Steve, to work off last night’s food.

2014-02-02 11.35.59 - Copy

I’m allergic to most of this stuff, but the Nin Go (fried in egg) and turnip cake in the middle are two of my favorite things about Chinese New Year!

2014-02-02 13.00.40 - Copy

For more insight on some of the Chinese New Year goodies we often eat, check out OpallaOnTrails’ great blog post, with recipes!  The rice cake, taro cake, turnip cake… all very similar to what I’ve grown up with here in California.

Here’s a little excerpt from her post regarding the reason for all the ‘cakes’:

The word Go is a homophone for “high” in the Chinese language. So the cakes are called Go, because anything that rises or is high (be it your salary, your rank, your grade or even the stock market) is supposed to be good.

Yay for knowledge!
Happy New Year everyone!


Barcelona—Day 2

I just couldn’t pick, sorry…  The good photos are courtesy my mom.

A morning run with Steve… and construction… it’s a good day already.

Photo Jul 30, 11 09 02 PM

“Tolerance and patience… are much deeper and more effective than mere indifference.” –Dalai Lama

Photo Jul 30, 11 22 43 PM

…La Boqueria Market…

Photo Jul 31, 1 14 13 AM

…pimientos de padron…

Photo Jul 31, 1 38 44 AM

…tour around town…

Photo Jul 31, 5 14 55 AM

…Olympic Park on Montjuic Hill…

Photo Jul 31, 6 23 51 AM

Photo Jul 31, 6 27 58 AM

…first time in the Mediterranean Sea!…

Photo Jul 31, 7 39 56 AM

Photo Jul 31, 7 40 07 AM



Photo Jul 31, 9 05 18 AM

…stopping to listen to musicians play… nostalgia…

Photo Jul 31, 9 33 53 AM

…hidden courtyards…

Photo Jul 31, 9 39 03 AM

…dinner by the beach with the whole family…



Photo Jul 31, 1 47 06 PM

…oh, the classy and classic doesn’t end…

Photo Jul 31, 3 46 52 PM



July 2012—San Francisco Love

I really could not pick one photo from today.  Sorry…

Color Run 2012 with Hannah and Becca!

Photo Jul 14, 9 00 31 AM

Brunch at Pomelo in Noe Valley.  Here is their menu… I will also provide descriptions….

crispy afro-peruvian bean and rice pancake with yellow pepper sauce, topped  with marinated grilled skirt steak, fried plantains and one egg sunny side up

Photo Jul 14, 11 40 41 AM

polenta sandwich:
with prosciutto, mozzarella, sun dried tomato and basil, pan fried in olive oil, served with a balsamic reduction, two eggs and seasonal greens

Photo Jul 14, 11 40 46 AM

crispy white corn buns; one filled with egg, one filled with potato, tomato, queso fresco, one filled with beef mechada, black beans, fried plantain & grated cheese, served with guasacaca, venezuelan spicy avocado salsa

Photo Jul 14, 11 41 15 AM


Then dinner at Éire Trea (Irish-Eritrean food!) in Hayes Valley…

Photo Jul 14, 5 31 31 PM

Photo Jul 14, 5 31 14 PM

Photo Jul 14, 6 11 46 PM

Drinks in the Mission, with new friends and guitar serenades.

Photo Jul 14, 10 08 41 PM


Michigan—Day 3

Went for a morning run in Mackinaw!  Tip O’ the Mitt!
(I was definitely the only crazy one out running…)

Photo May 27, 8 49 43 AM

Photo May 27, 8 39 01 AM

Then we all took a ferry to Mackinac Island for the day.  :)




Watching them make fudge at Murdick’s…

Photo May 27, 1 00 44 PM

Photo May 27, 5 06 18 PM

Horse carriage tour… and the Grand Hotel!

Photo May 27, 2 11 46 PM

Photo May 27, 3 36 28 PM


Photo May 27, 4 05 15 PM

The fort…


Photo May 27, 4 56 05 PM



Moonlight Run!

Becca and I participated in our first 5K run tonight in the Palo Alto Baylands.  Our goal was to run the whole way – success!

Photo Sep 09, 10 28 25 PM

Hangin out before the event…

Photo Sep 09, 7 52 07 PM

…baller fruit display!…

Photo Sep 09, 7 53 25 PM

…as we lined up, a lightning storm started!…

Photo Sep 09, 8 45 49 PM

…standing around with friends during the rain/lightning delay…

Photo Sep 09, 9 03 23 PM

…they eventually told us we could run at our own risk… so we did!

Photo Sep 09, 9 39 38 PM

It was very very worth it.  :)
On to the next one!


On a Book High

Borders is closing, Amazon has sales, and I just plain love books.

I’m currently still working on Shantaram, which is an incredible 944-page “almost autobiographical” book about an Australian who escaped from jail and spent 10 years living in Mumbai, India.  I don’t even know how to describe this book.  It’s so good.  So India.

Anyway, my next book is “How We Decide” by Jonah Lehrer.  And then I think I can return to “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall, which I started reading last winter in Switzerland, and finally bought for myself last week.  EEE!!!

Photo Aug 23, 5 48 54 PM