Day 21—Coos Bay, OR to Humboldt, CA

  Waking up in Coos Bay, Oregon…

2015-08-31 09.16.48

Gluten free pancakes at Pancake Mill – yum!!

2015-08-31 10.00.45

Checking out Mingus Park…

2015-08-31 10.41.24

2015-08-31 11.02.06

Driving down the Oregon coast…

Taking a hike from a random trailhead…

Made it back to California!

Redwood Gate to the Golden State!

One of our favorite parks…

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park…

Driving to Albee Creek Campground…


Portland–Day 3–The River

Walking to the Willamette River for a nice afternoon in the sun…

Photo Sep 04, 12 32 28 PM

Photo Sep 04, 12 36 01 PM

…with Tillie the Australian Terrior

Photo Sep 04, 1 09 52 PM

Photo Sep 04, 1 10 00 PM

Photo Sep 04, 1 13 10 PM

…watching ships head toward the Columbia River

Photo Sep 04, 2 32 25 PM

…trolley!  train!…

Photo Sep 04, 5 30 22 PM


Trains and Planes …Berlin

Went to Berlin’s Technikmuseum to check out the trains and planes.
There’s actually way more, but we only had an hour!

Outside the Tech Museum.  It’s a plane!!!DSCN0026

Models and real trains!!!  The Technikmuseum is actually also one of Berlin’s old train stations.  Place was huge.DSCN0028

Model ships!!DSCN0038

For James: knots!!DSCN0040


The plane whose wing is on the far left, is an old crashed-and-burned war plane.  They’ve got everything!

We also went to the Berlin Tegel airport twice to get Henning exit row seats for our flight the next day.

Stacey sitting emo.DSCN0051