Death Valley—Day 2

  Starting the day in the ghost town of Rhyolite…


Salt Creek… fish in the desert!

2016-03-06 10.38.22 2016-03-06 10.47.15

Mesquite Dunes…

2016-03-06 12.01.40

Barefoot in the rain in the desert!

2016-03-06 12.21.39

2016-03-06 12.23.25

2016-03-06 12.24.42

2016-03-06 12.27.28


2016-03-06 12.34.48

2016-03-06 12.51.56

Lunch—last stop in the park…

2016-03-06 13.27.52

Driving home…

2016-03-06 15.14.16 2016-03-06 17.12.38


New Year’s Eve 2013!

Lazy day – settling into our rented apartment in Vienna :)

Finally went outside and attempted to find a place for dinner on New Year’s Eve… managed to find some wine!

And WiFi, which—funny story—we don’t get in the apartment we rented specifically for WiFi…!

Wandered back toward the apartment and stumbled across this lovely little place!



Dark wood furniture is kind of my dream…

Back at home watching the local fireworks out our window and popping open some champagne at midnight :)


Participating in some sort of European new year tradition, where you melt down some lead, dump it in cold water, and read its shape as an indicator for your upcoming year!





Happy new year everyone!


Beautiful Saturday

Little pieces from my day…

Saw this flattened picnic bench in the courtyard outside of Henning’s apartment!  What happened???

After Muay Thai training, worked on this puzzle with Hen.  The puzzle and the puzzle mat (so we can roll it up and store it!) were part of his birthday present from me and my parents.  :)

Dinner at one of my favorite mom-and-pop restaurants, El Calderon.  I was so glad Hen got to experience the great food and warm friendly service.  It’s nothing flashy, but I always leave content.

Tamarindo, guanabana, pupusas, fried yucca with chicharrones, plantains, rice and beans.  And pretty much the best boyfriend ever.