Henning and I have really been looking forward to visiting Pompeii.  We decided to make the trek from Naples to Pompeii our own…

Photo Aug 06, 2 04 35 AM

…after nearly getting run over by traffic a few times, we managed to each incur a 40-euro fine on the light rail…
(the transit authority thankfully only wrote us one…)

…and finally made it to the main train station!


…long hot (no AC) train ride…

Photo Aug 06, 3 22 37 AM

…passing Vesuvius…

Photo Aug 06, 3 08 22 AM

…we’ve made it to Pompeii!!…




Pompeii was buried under ash from a Mt. Vesuvius eruption almost 2000 years ago.  Many of the buildings, structures, objects and art were well-preserved under the ash, and have since been excavated.



…bath house…





…food stands…IMG_20120806_132702









…lead pipes…




…I know this is kind of creepy… but even people and dogs were preserved to some degree…


The rest of the family went to Sorrento, where they got to try some wines, meats and cheeses and see the farm they were made on…


Tiny Trains

I’ve been spending a little more time in the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital (LPCH) for some of my work assignments.  I prefer the vibe of LPCH to Stanford’s adult hospital next door, because it is more colorful and has fun elements like animal figurines and a mini train set!


Trains and Planes …Berlin

Went to Berlin’s Technikmuseum to check out the trains and planes.
There’s actually way more, but we only had an hour!

Outside the Tech Museum.  It’s a plane!!!DSCN0026

Models and real trains!!!  The Technikmuseum is actually also one of Berlin’s old train stations.  Place was huge.DSCN0028

Model ships!!DSCN0038

For James: knots!!DSCN0040


The plane whose wing is on the far left, is an old crashed-and-burned war plane.  They’ve got everything!

We also went to the Berlin Tegel airport twice to get Henning exit row seats for our flight the next day.

Stacey sitting emo.DSCN0051


New Years Eve… Berlin!

NYE in Berlin is kind of a big deal.
It’s supposed to be THE spot in Europe to be.
One million people at the Brandenburg Gate, fireworks in the street for 3 days straight, special foods, music, drunkenness, blahblahblah.

Hen & I went into town for a nice dinner, and then a NYE pub crawl with a huge mob of English-speakers visiting Beer-lin as well.


Trying a currywurst at the winter market by the zoo.DSCN9960


A wonderful Thai dinner at Good Times, suggestion courtesy our Stanford professor.  Aren’t the folded lotus napkins beautiful??DSCN9966


Stacey & Henning, 2010.
After some wine, glühwein, a few beers, and some fruity shots…DSCN9978

Bar #1…DSCN9973

Feeling more festive at Bar #2…DSCN9980

Lighting sparklers en route to Bar #3…
(I… don’t really remember this part…)DSCN9987

Bar #3… waiting for midnight!DSCN9993


Setting off our own fireworks in the park…DSCN0011


And somewhere after that…
stumbling onto the S-bahn and making it home.  :)


Browsing “Bear”..lin

Highlights around Berlin.

First, this one’s for Greg.  ALMOST as cool as yours.  ;)DSCN9892


It was a freezing cold day, so we ran around as quickly as we could. 

A tiny piece of the Berlin Wall…DSCN9885


Sony Center… HUGE.DSCN9886



Dinner and beers at one of Berlin’s oldest restaurants…DSCN9904


Looks like a mall, but it’s actually a TRAIN STATION!
Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)DSCN9923


For my mom…
Tree completely decorated with Swarovski crystals!DSCN9919


Some of Berlin’s newer architecture…DSCN9926


The Reichstag…!DSCN9930


Brandenburger Tör (Brandenburg Gate).  There used to be a bunch of gates like this into Berlin, and this is the only one left.  It was also part of the Berlin wall, separating East and West.DSCN9942

Imagine big fireworks in the background, plus one million drunk people…. and that would be the image on New Years Eve (Silvester)!


Even the Berlin Bear (mascot/coat of arms) has got a little Freedom Spirit in him.
Just can’t escape!DSCN9948


My favorite memorial or landmark that we saw in the city was actually the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe aka the Holocaust Memorial.  I didn’t take any pictures; didn’t seem like the place or time.  But it was very touching, and if I had the opportunity, I would have gone back another time.


Berlin to Stockholm

Waking up in Berlin.  :)


The house (Christiane lives on the top floors).


The street.


At the train station, en route to the airport.



Interesting subway art…


COMPARE TO FRANKFURT AIRPORT.  So nice to not find another 2-hour security mob….!  :D


After a long wait, finally made it to Stockholm!

I thought this advert at the Stockholm Arlanda airport was cheery.  :)


After dinner and drinks with Anna-Karin, Denny, Erik and Charlotta at O’leary’s (so Swedish…).  Everyone making fun of Erik for wearing rubber shoe covers to protect his dress shoes.


A great first half-day in Stockholm!  Looking forward to the next 4.  :)