Bye for Now, Europe!

Today’s destination – the Munich Airport!  Back where we started!

Here’s a general summary of our last two weeks. :)

Europe 2013 Road Map
Some things I’ll miss…

The countryside!!

Solar panels in the countryside!!
Church towers at the center of every town!!


The cranes!! The construction!

IMG_0036 IMG_0034

A couple shots from our very long flight home…

2014-01-04 22.37.08

2014-01-05 00.21.37

All the white is snow!!!

Tomorrow we return to true Daily Shorties.  Woohoo!


World Travels

It will take me some time to post pictures from Mumbai and the wedding in India. Hopefully worth the wait!

Here is my newest project back in California — a giant world map! Which will be supplemented with postcards from places Henning and I have been.

Pointing out Varanasi, India on the map!