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Salvador — Day 4

Day 4, went on a day-long tour up the coast north of Salvador.

The first quick stop was on the very northern edge of the city, where there was a lagoon (Lagoa do Abaeté) that was quite nice.  It’s too bad we didn’t get to stay and admire it for more than a few minutes.

Next we drove up to Praia do Forte, and visited the Tamar Sea Turtle Project by the beach.  Brazil has 5 of the 7 species of sea turtles in the world, and is making an effort to help protect those species.

Big turtles…!

…baby turtles!…

 …not a turtle.  A really big deep-water fish–the first of its kind–was found in the area…

 Seashells bathrooms!  Fun!

 After some wandering time at Praia do Forte (“the beach of the fort”), we drove to Guarajuba.  Cassie, Peter and I had lunch (a bunch of fried fishes and aipim a.k.a. cassava) along the beach.  A guy made a painting in front of us on a 7″x7″ ceramic tile.  It was really nice, so I offered to buy it.  10$ Reals!  Which is like… $6 USD.  Crazy.

 We then hung out on the beach… practically had it to ourselves.  It was a bit windy.  The waters were choppy, but warm.

We also saw a pretty big crab!

Had a pretty long ride back on the bus to Salvador, but eventually made it home!

I went out for pizza with Zani, and we had a nice long talk about life and love.  Then went back to the hostel and had a few beers for the night. 

The end. (for Day 4…)