Wes & Jamie’s Wedding!!

The big day!!

Getting ready with hair and makeup!
The bride…

The maid of honor…

Bridesmaids and flower girl…

Another junior bridesmaid…


Beautiful church…

Proud parents…

Jumping pictures!!

Wes Wedding Jumping Pic 1

Wes Wedding Jumping Pic 2

Lion dancing!



First dance :)

More dancing!

Wes Wedding Paula Photo 2

Lanterns at the prom downstairs!

Photobooth fun!

Wes Wedding Photo Booth Combo

So much love!


Monterey Park

Scenes from around town…
Grandma’s backyard, PT at Highlands Elementary School (overlooked by the Highlands Husky?), Penny, and dinner at Lawry’s with the family.

Photo Jan 05, 3 33 39 PM

Photo Jan 02, 11 27 44 AM

Photo Jan 02, 9 18 10 PM


St. Johns and Owosso

Strolling through Curwood Castle Park with Wes and Jamie on another beautiful day.  Castle!!

Photo Nov 18, 11 38 45 AM

Photo Nov 18, 11 42 00 AM

Cider and wine tasting at Uncle John’s Cider Mill.

Photo Nov 18, 1 16 41 PM

Photo Nov 18, 1 57 01 PM

Henning modeling some Andy T’s ware…

Photo Nov 18, 2 34 10 PM

Then yum lasagna dinner at Jamie’s parents place.
Hangin out with the fam and watching the Harper and Riley love fest.

Photo Nov 18, 12 32 13 PM


Warrior Dash!

What a morning of mud, fire, and cow poo!

Warrior Dash

Finally cleaned up after the race…

Photo Oct 27, 12 09 17 PM

…ate some porcupine custard buns…

Photo Oct 27, 1 06 21 PM

And once I got home…. FEET PAMPERING SUPPLIES!!
A very thoughtful birthday present from Jamie and Wes.  :)
Talk about reasons to celebrate!

Photo Oct 27, 7 40 06 AM


Michigan—Day 3

Went for a morning run in Mackinaw!  Tip O’ the Mitt!
(I was definitely the only crazy one out running…)

Photo May 27, 8 49 43 AM

Photo May 27, 8 39 01 AM

Then we all took a ferry to Mackinac Island for the day.  :)




Watching them make fudge at Murdick’s…

Photo May 27, 1 00 44 PM

Photo May 27, 5 06 18 PM

Horse carriage tour… and the Grand Hotel!

Photo May 27, 2 11 46 PM

Photo May 27, 3 36 28 PM


Photo May 27, 4 05 15 PM

The fort…


Photo May 27, 4 56 05 PM



Michigan—Day 2

We’re in Michigan—whutt!?!?

Pillows my mom and I made for Wes and Jamie!
(Michigan is not 100% accurate… we tried!)

Photo May 26, 11 50 00 AM

I stayed at Wes and Jamie’s place last night – love the accent walls!

Photo May 26, 2 48 15 AM

Photo May 26, 11 14 34 AM

Driving to Mackinaw City!

Photo May 26, 3 49 21 PM

View of Lake Huron from our room!

Photo May 26, 4 56 33 PM

Walking around town…

Photo May 26, 6 32 13 PM

Mackinac Bridge… 3rd longest suspension bridge in the country!
(Verrazano-Narrows and the Golden Gate have spans just a little longer.)

Photo May 26, 8 22 06 PM


Photo May 26, 8 22 50 PM

Memorial Day Fireworks at night, as seen from our hotel room balconies!

Photo May 26, 10 07 54 PM

Photo May 26, 10 09 00 PM


Food Fest! Crab Craze!

The Louie family is in town from SoCal for the Presidents Day weekend!  They went up to San Francisco to watch the Chinese New Year parade, and the rest of us joined them later for dinner.  Per usual with the big fam, SO MUCH FOOD.

My younger cousin Ryan posted this to facebook with the caption:
He even defended Henning as his German cousin.  Priceless!

SF Seafood

Here we are at 3am chowing into whole cooked crabs from Fisherman’s Wharf.  SOOO GOOOD.


Stayed up til 4am talking and gossiping.
Just need to add in some mah-jong, and I don’t know how this evening could have been much better.


Night at Home

As Hen was working on his PhD funding proposal, I went home for the evening and had a short bit of time with Penny and the fam.  As tempting as it is to post ANOTHER Penny picture, here’s a quick shot of Wes and my mom, in their general evening states…

…Wes is texting (with his new haircut), while my mom is on the couch watching TV.  :)


Celebrating Unemployment and a Birthday!

A week in review….

Monday, October 18, 2010:

On Day #1 of unemployment, I went to Stanford to see a sand mandala being created by Tibetan monks!  It was beautiful!  After 4 days of hard work, the sand mandala is wiped away, representing the cycle of life and death.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010:


I picked up my passport and Brazilian visa in San Francisco at 2pm. I rushed over to the General Consulate of India for my 3pm India visa appointment…. only to find out I had miss-read the form and was supposed to go to a DIFFERENT address (above).  For the record, driving/rushing 2 miles in SF is a complete nightmare FML.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010:


Tibetan Nuns Project talk at Stanford University.  I was — sadly — the youngest person in attendance…

Thursday, October 21, 2010:


Took Penny to the Saratoga dog park to play with some new friends.  We’re working on socializing her so that she stops thinking small dogs are supposed to be chased like prey…!

Friday, October 20, 2010:


Henning’s Mom Christiane flew in from Berlin, and we went out to dinner to celebrate her arrival (and the evening before my birthday!).  We actually tried to get reservations at THREE other restaurants, and I made a reservation here (Sakoon Indian Restaurant in Mountain View) on accident.  Best fluke restaurant choice I’ve ever made.

Saturday, October 23, 2010:


My 24th Birthday!  And my two favorite guys Henning and Greg.  :)  Dinner at Straits Cafe in Palo Alto – Asian Fusion… story of my life!  Food and otherwise…  We actually had a great group of 14 people.  This was the only picture I was able to get on my phone (sent from Becca’s iPhone) before it died.

Sunday, October 24, 2010:

102410 wes eating

My brother Wesley…. in his natural habitat….  2AM sitting on the living room couch, watching TV, on his computer, eating, and doing homework, blanket if he needs to take a nap.  Everything set up to his convenience within arms’ reach.  It doesn’t get much more efficient than that.

Posts from hereon out should be daily, technology permitting.  Exciting or mundane, you’ll get it all!