Photo Nov 27, 4 05 45 PM

Spent the day with Yumi, Ada, Michelle and Will at Stanford.  I finally got to see Richard Serra’s wonderfully experiential “Sequence” installation at the Cantor Arts Center.  Hannah and I had the chance to walk through a few of his pieces at the Guggenheim in Spain – so cool!



Upon the suggestion of our friends Joanna and Eddie, a group of us went to a free wine tasting at Coterie Cellars in San Jose.

Apparently urban wineries are “a thing,” and I had no idea!  It makes sense – bringing the wine closer to the consumer.

After trying some lovely wines and cheese, Becca Yumi Jackie and I ventured on to La Victoria Taqueria to meet up with Ada, Mel and Michelle!  High school friends are priceless.  I love reunions.  :)


Friends and Travelling

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ada Bday Table

Ada’s parents invited us all to dinner at Kokkari, an incredible Greek/Mediterranean restaurant in San Francisco.  Everything on the menu was fantastic, and we probably got to try almost half of it all, with such a large group.  I cheated on my general no-meat rule (for another post), because it really was too difficult to resist!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween!  So the girls and I actually stayed over in San Francisco Saturday night, and had a lovely lunch at the Daily Grill downstairs Sunday morning.  It was…pretty incredible.


  Afterward, I joined James, Dexter and Angeles for the Halloween-themed Ghost Patrol BANG!  This was the first puzzle-solving hunt I’ve participated in in years, and it was great to 1) rejoin one of James’ teams and 2) still have the skills for puzzle-solving contribution!  Pictured above was Clue #2, which involved 2 rolls of Smarties candies with letters printed on them in food coloring!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Here starts my adventure to Brazil.  My connecting stop (between San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro) was Charlotte, NC.  The Charlotte Douglas Airport is definitely one of the best airport ambiances I’ve experienced, because its main concourse has 4 key (and relatively unique) things:
2) a real tree next to each rocking chair
3) an outlet hidden at the bottom of each tree!
4) a live piano player so you could sit and enjoy the music!

I will not forget you, Charlotte Douglas Airport.
Definitely something I will keep in mind for my future bakery/café.


Reindeer Play


Went shopping for a blanket and board game this afternoon with Yumi and Michelle, and we came home instead with some wine, cheese and 9 reindeer hats!  Above is the product of a few extra minutes of converting 8 Rudolph’s to “Other Reindeer.”  Gotta love at-home arts-and-crafts time with the gals.  Yes… we’re 24!  Tomorrow night we’ll get the gang together and I’ll hopefully have a post displaying our collective Halloween (AND Christmas…hey!) spirit.  : )